Bartell Global Partner & Customer Information

In spite of the current challenges we all face in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Bartell Global are proud to continue to offer our products, services, and support to our professional partners in the essential sectors of our global community.

Rest assured that we remain fully equipped and available, although things have changed a bit behind the scenes:


  • Our office staff members have shifted to working remotely, with the exception of a small team to “hold the fort” in person, with safety precautions in place, as per recommendations from medical authorities.

  • We maintain our manufacturing facilities to meet all customer requirements. We have taken every precaution at receiving, shipping, lunchroom, and break areas to keep everyone safe. Personal protection items are available to all.

  • Although they are unable to travel or meet in person, your Territory Sales Manager is fully equipped to connect with you and support your equipment needs at a distance. Video conferencing is available to all who require it.

  • We are ramping up our online efforts to empower you with next-level knowledge and added training to make the most of this temporary shift. Keep an eye out for emails with links to valuable online content including articles, videos, website updates and more.

Your friends at Bartell Global are standing with you, and are ready to help in any way we can to help your business through these very difficult times. We are here for you.

We are looking forward to linking arms with you so we may help each other rise above – and beyond – this challenging time, Together.