Slide Mag - Metal Bond Diamonds

From polishing a floor, to removing surface material, or simply prepping the floor for a substrate — the best grinder/polisher is only as good as the diamond tooling attached to it. So when you want to get the very most out of your equipment, start with quality diamond tooling.

Bartell Global’s latest line of diamond tooling is the Slide-Mag series of metal-bond diamonds. Though they may look similar to other metal-bond diamond tooling, inside they feature state-of-the-art diamond technology. Our diamond tooling contains extremely hard man-made diamond particles ranging from coarse grit, to extremely fine grit. The diamonds are equally and evenly distributed throughout the material for consistent results every time. And each grit range is available in four types of bond matrix so you can match the right bond to your concrete and get maximum productivity and longevity out of each diamond set.

SlideMAG Features

  • Consistently high diamond content
  • Four diamond “bond matrix” to choose from to effectively grind all types of concrete from “extra soft”, “soft”, “medium” and “hard”
  • Removes stock and profiles concrete quickly
  • Engineered to be heat resistant
  • Extremely long life.
  • Four different matrix designs of “Bars” and “Rounds”.
  • Highly resistant to glazing
  • Universal attachment design that fits many machines, including three point bolt-on method, as well as the very common Slide-Mag design that uses a combination of wedge compression and earth magnets that keeps your tooling firmly attached to the machine regardless of the material being removed
  • Wide variety of very aggressive PCD and TCT diamond segments
  • A line of CARBIDE segments to remove material like mastics without cutting the concrete itself

Double Rectangle

Single Rectangle

Double Round

Single Round

With Backing Bar

Shred Cutter

Carbide Scrapers and Insert Piece


Diamond Polycrystalline (PCD)

TCT Chips

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