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ALPHA Grinder


Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Always use appropriate PPE
  • Use the shortest power cord possible (25 feet if possible)
  • Use a heavy-duty cord ONLY: 10–12 GA
  • Plug into a circuit with a 20A breaker. If not available plug into a 15A with only the ALPHA running on that circuit
  • Allow the machine to run at maximum RPM. Do not “bog” the machine down by applying too much head pressure.
  • Check all fasteners to ensure tightness.
  • Have a variety of tooling options onsite for effective flooring profiling.
  • Attach the ALPHA to a HEPA FILTER ONLY dust collection system, to remove silica-containing dust produced by the concrete diamond grinding process.
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The machine keeps shutting off on its own

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure you are using a short, heavy-duty cord. (if not the breaker in the handle trips and you must restart.
  • Decrease head pressure by applying less downward pressure to the handle, allowing the motor to run at maximum RPM.

Machine will not start

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure you have power to the machine: cord plugged in, breaker on the wall panel is set.
  • Depress the button in the center of the handle assembly, then engage the enabling switches.
  • Check the capacitors (this is best done by an electrician).

There's too much dust


The machine is not grinding effectively

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