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DiamonD Blades

Standard Drive Blades


We have an extensive catalog of Diamond Blades for every application and budget. The blades featured below showcase our most popular and versatile blades, for a wide range of general applications, across four quality levels: 2 stars = Value; 3 stars = Good; 4 stars = Better; 5 stars = Best. These blades can to be used on a variety of saws including hand-held, high-speed, stationary masonry saws; and low-hp (18hp and below) saws. You will likely find the perfect choice in this collection! But if you don't see what you need here, or if you need a little support, please download the complete catalog or contact our sales team directly.

Hard Materials

Designed to cut hard materials such as: stone, pavers, critically hard concrete, and other hard, non-abrasive aggregates.

General Purpose

For use on a variety of materials such as: cured concrete, brick and block combination, pavers and stone of moderate hardness. These blades will cut soft, abrasive material but the longevity of the blade will be sacrificed.


These blades are not specifically honed in and bonded for one specific application. They are considered “all-purpose” and perfectly suited for both rental and retail. The core of these blades is specially protected and can be used in the widest variety of cutting applications such as: asphalt/green concrete; cured concrete; masonry materials such as brick/block and mortar; soft and medium density stone/pavers; etc.

Asphalt and Green Concrete

Designed for cutting soft abrasive material such as newly poured concrete and asphalt.

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