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BEF200N Scarifier


Pre-Flight Checklist

  • PPE – Work Safe!
  • Use in well-ventilated areas only
  • Adjust Handle
  • Check oil and if needed, add 10W30 to the top of threads
  • Fresh gasoline
  • Drum lever UP
  • Fine adjustment wheel UP
  • Dust Control
  • Gas switch ON
  • Choke ON
  • Power switch ON
  • Pull recoil-start cable to start
  • Lower drum lever
  • Fine-adjustment wheel dialed down until tooling contacts surface
More to learn...


Engine won’t start

Possible solutions:

  • check oil level
  • use fresh gas
  • turn switches on: power, gas, choke
  • check wiring of emergency switch on handle
Drum won’t turn

Possible solutions:

  • check belt
Poor results

Possible solutions:

  • confirm proper tooling
  • make multiple shallow passes; deep cuts are less effective

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