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CT320 Scarifier

Training & Operation

Preflight Checklist
Items to check every time you use this machine:
  • PPE: wear it
  • Owner’s Manual: read it
  • Dust Bin: dump it
  • Water Separator: drain it
  • Compressor Tank: empty it
  • Emergency Strap: wear it
  • Speed: set to zero
  • Direction: set to forward
  • Tool Drum: raise it
  • Level the Cut: test, adjust, test again
  • Inspect adjust, repair, and replace where needed: – Cords & Hoses – Fasteners – Side Seal Plates – Dust Extraction Equipment – Tooling – Kill-Switch
CT320 Operation – Best Practice

Watch this tutorial to learn the safest, easiest, most consistent and reliable method of planing a concrete floor with the CT320

CT320 Start Up Sequence

R2D2 Dust Collector Start Up Sequence

How to remove the tooling drum

How to install tooling onto the drum

How to reinstall the drum

More to learn...


Drive wheels are not controlling travel speed

Solution: Adjust drive wheel contact pressure

Uneven cut, one side of machine cutting deeper

Solution: Level the tooling drum to the floor surface

Cut-depth adjustment wheel becomes disengaged

Solution: Realign & attach threaded rod

Inconsistent cutting depth

Problem: Inconsistent cutting depth across multiple cuts, or cuts getting progressively deeper/shallower

Solution: Use the CT320 with the outboard wheels installed to ensure consistent depth across multiple cuts

3-inch dust exctractor not removing all the dust & debris produced from deep cuts

Solution: Add the 5-inch dust extraction cart and hose

Still having trouble?

If these suggestions didn’t answer your question or solve your problem:

Option 1: Contact the customer support staff at the retail location where you bought or rented the machine

Option 2: CLICK HERE to contact the Bartell Global site nearest you

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