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HD Dust Collectors


Equipment Set-Up & Operation
  • Use all appropriate PPE
  • Use only a heavy-duty cord
  • Use as short a cord as possible
  • When using the HD2 or HD3, you have the option of using a single or multiple motors for variable CFM
  • When starting the machine with an empty bag, it will be sucked up into the machine. THIS IS NORMAL! As the bag fills with debris, it will be suspended underneath the filter container.
  • Change out the bag once it has accumulated 20 – 30 lbs. for easy removal. The heavier it gets, the higher the risk of spillage. See our separate video for a demonstration of how to change the bag.
  • When using the wand and floor tool, adjust the floor tool for maximum suction on the surface of the floor to ensure the removal of all debris lodged in the surface of the concrete surface
  • NEVER attempt to clean cone filters or HEPA filters. Replace them as needed
Using the Continuous Bag System
  • always wear a protective dust mask
  • turn the machine off
  • pull down approximately 18 inches of bag material
  • attach a zip-tie close to the top of the debris
  • install another zip-tie approximately 10 inches above the previous one
  • cut the bag between these two zip ties freeing up the filled section of the bag for disposal
  • when transferring the full bag, hold the bag from both ends to prevent spillage
When and How to Purge the Filters
  • With the machine running, pull up on the suction block (the black knob situated at the hose intake).

  • Depress the relief bar (located on the top of the machine) five times, at three-second intervals. 

  • Push down on the suction block allowing the machine to run freely with clean filters

  • When using with machines that create a large volume of dust and debris, purge the filters at least every half hour or as indicated by the filter clog gauge on the side of the machine.

More to learn...


The motor won't start up

Possible solutions:

  • Check the power cord
  • Check the breaker panel
  • Flip the power switch(es)

The machine won't move

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure the front wheels are unlocked
  • Check for any damage to the rear wheels

Machine has NO suction

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure the suction block is not pulled up
  • Check to make sure at least one motor is switched to the ON position
  • Look for a clog, split, kink, or any other damage to the hose.
  • Close the air-flow inhibitor
Not enough suction

Possible solutions:

  • Check all motor switches
  • Inspect hoses for kinks, clogs, and slits
  • Check your other surface-prep machine (grinder, shotblaster): the dust shroud and gaskets should have good contact with the surface of the floor
  • Close the air-flow inhibitor

Still having trouble?

If these suggestions didn’t answer your question or solve your problem:

Option 1: Contact the customer support staff at the retail location where you bought or rented the machine

Option 2: CLICK HERE to contact the Bartell Global site nearest you

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