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BULL Floor Scraper


Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Make sure the operator understands clearly how the Bull operates before attempting to remove material

  • Always use appropriate PPE

  • Use the shortest power cord possible 25’ if possible

  • Use a heavy-duty cord ONLY, 10 – 12 GA

  • If possible, plug into a 20A breaker, if not available plug into a 15A and if possible, have only the BULL running off that circuit

  • Check all fasteners to ensure tightness

  • Have a variety of tooling options onsite for effective flooring removal

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Self-propel function isn't working

Possible solutions:

  • Check power cord connections.
  • Check power supply breakers. 
  • Check the breakers on the machine handle.  
  • Pull up more firmly on the enabling switch on the handle.
  • Check capacitors (this is best done by an electrician!)
Motor is turning but the machine isn't move

Possible solutions:

  • Push the handle forward so the silver wheels make contact with the black inner drive wheels.
  • Check to make sure that the wheel-scrapers are not jammed against the outer black drive wheels.   
  • Check wheels to ensure that they are not coated with debris and losing traction.    
Ramming action is not working or not working well

Possible solutions:

  • Check power supply breakers.
  • Check onboard breakers located on the handle.
  • Grease and realign rammer pistons. 
  • Check capacitors (this is best done by an electrician).

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Option 1: Contact the customer support staff at the retail location where you bought or rented the machine

Option 2: CLICK HERE to contact the Bartell Global site nearest you

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