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Training & Operation

Safety First!
  • NEVER allow an untrained person to operate the Terminator
  • NEVER allow anyone to stand directly behind the Terminator
  • NEVER drive over debris piles as it can tip the machine


  • Use extreme caution when operating on slight inclines
  • NEVER operate this machine on steep inclines
  • NEVER try to turn the machine around on an incline
  • NEVER reverse the machine down an incline

LOADING and UNLOADING into a trailer:

  • Always use extreme caution
  • Use the travel dolly with the wheels locked so they only roll forward/reverse for better control
  • Load the machine by driving FWD or REV UP the ramp
  • Unload the machine by driving FORWARD DOWN the ramp
  • NEVER reverse the machine down the ramp

Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Only allow trained operators to operate the Terminator
  • For effective flooring removal, have a variety of tooling options onsite
  • Wear all required PPE
  • All safety panels, hood and footboard are securely in place
  • Amber warning light and backup alarm are working correctly
  • Check battery pack to ensure it is fully charged
  • Engage forward and reverse levers and jaw lever to ensure they are operating freely
  • Check for hydraulic leaks, tighten fittings if necessary
  • Check cable connections on the batteries to ensure tightness (weekly)
  • Check levels on wet-cell batteries. Add distilled water to keep at ¼” above plates (if applicable, every two weeks)
Proper Operation
  • Step 1.
    Set potentiometer dial counter-clockwise to its lowest setting and dial up as necessary to conserve battery life
  • Step 2.
    Push both joy-sticks forward for wide-open flow of hydraulic fluid
  • Step 3.
    Engage foot throttle to control speed. Do not engage foot throttle until joysticks are engaged.
  • Step 4.
    Use joysticks to control steering, NOT speed. Back off one or the other to turn, keeping them engaged (forward) when machine is in motion.
  • Watch the video below for an overview of the operation of the T3000E1

Tooling Tips
  • For effective flooring removal, have a variety of tooling options onsite.
  • If the machine struggles to remove material, try narrower tooling. The guideline is: the harder the material is to remove, the narrower the tooling must be in order to be effective.
  • Always insert tool fitting completely, so the metal ring on the fitting and the metal ring of the jaw meet. Then insert the keeper pin in either the front or rear mounting point to secure tooling in place.
  • Watch the video below for an overview of the TOOLING available for the T3000E1

More to learn...


The machine won’t start/run

Possible solutions:

  • Check that the blue main plug connecting the machine to the battery pack is plugged in.
  • Check to make sure the red main disconnect is pulled up to the ON position.
  • Check the blue power control module (behind the front right side panel) and look for a solid green light. If the green light is flashing it indicates that the power coming from the battery pack is too low and needs to be charged.   
  • Check the potentiometer and make sure it is connected.   
  • Check 250A fuse mounted on the battery box.
The machine won't charge

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure you are plugging the charger into the battery pack side of the blue main disconnect plug and not the machine side of the plug.
  • Check to see if the charger is throwing a breaker in the wall panel. If so, try to find a dedicated 20A circuit and charge from that circuit.  Turn off and unplug other devices that are plugged into the circuit being used.
  • Make sure that all batteries are correctly and tightly connected.
  • Check for a “dead cell” in the battery pack, they all must read over 6 volts to be good.
  • Watch the video below to learn where to find THREE breaker switches on the machine.

The machine cannot remove the material

Try narrower tooling.
Guideline: the harder the material is to remove, the narrower the tooling must be in order to concentrate the force on a smaller target.

Machine has a short runtime

This problem indicates a battery issue.
Possible solutions:

  • Check the total amps in the battery pack after a complete charge, it should read over 50 volts. If not, check each battery and if a battery is reading under 6 volts, it indicates a bad cell, and that battery should be replaced.
  • You may be operating the machine incorrectly. Giving the machine too much foot throttle with the potentiometer dialed up to 100% will lessen the runtime. Instead, set the potentiometer dial counterclockwise to its lowest setting and dial it up as necessary to conserve battery life. 

Still having trouble?

If these suggestions didn’t answer your question or solve your problem:

Option 1: Contact the customer support staff at the retail location where you bought or rented the machine

Option 2: CLICK HERE to contact the Bartell Global site nearest you

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